gilbert the cat

It’s hard to imagine that being a cat person could be so challenging. Being the only person who can talk to a cat, the cat person is always left to her own devices and the only way to learn who she really is is through the eyes of the cat. That’s just not fair.

Well, we were talking about being a cat person. But gilbert was doing it for the cats. And it was pretty much impossible for us to be mad at him. To us, he was just another cat person.

Thats right, you know how I love cats, because they’re so smart, super awesome, and just generally awesome. But gilbert the cat, he’s the only cat person in town. He’s the only nice cat person.

The thing about cats is that they can be so nice. They just don’t know it yet. We don’t like to point this out, but one thing that cats do that we find attractive is that they’re extremely loyal to their friends. If your friend is sick, suddenly you can leave all of your stuff and go to their house. You know youre still in the house and youre not leaving.

They dont like that we point this out, because in a way it’s true. We can be loyal to people we care about, but we dont like when they start acting like we dont count. After all, we arent the ones who started it.

The funny thing is that not only are cats loyal to their friends, they love their friends and are loyal to them, too. Cats are not very good at getting their own way in the end. They just dont like being told what to do. We can only sympathize though with this, because after all, the cats are our friends (and so are you, right?).

Sure, cats are loyal to their friends, but you can never have too many of them. That being said, you can be sure that cats like to run and play and not be told what to do, and that the cats will always be loyal to their friends. And cats are loyal to their friends, so they will always take care of you.

And the cat who was the only one we ever saw who was loyal to us, was Gilbert the cat. But it’s not easy. Gilbert is a cat who doesn’t like being told what to do. And not only that, but he doesn’t like being told what to do by any of us.

Gilbert the cat is a cat that likes to play with friends. He tends to run around the house and be the first to jump in and out of the beds when we have trouble getting him to go to sleep. He also likes to take a nap, so he’s not always the first one to wake up. The other cats are also loyal to Gilbert, so they will always stay with him no matter what. But if Gilbert is not around, the other cats will remain loyal to him.

The only time Gilbert has been known to show any loyalty to anyone is when we let him run around and explore. He has often been the one to go to bed first, and to be the first one to come out of the house after sundown. Gilbert likes to play with the other cats, and they always want to play with him. And we love playing with Gilbert, so we always let him join us in the kitchen and the patio.

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